We rely entirely on charitable donations

Thank you for considering a donation today


There are a few ways to donate to the Michigan PA Foundation (MIPAF).  

  1. The traditional monetary donation (See Donate Section below):
    1. Your gift is applied toward that year’s Scholarships.
    2. Your gift is a tax deduction on Federal Tax Forms,because of our recognition as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. A donation to the Foundation’s Endowment Fund, managed by the Capitol Area Community Foundation, in Lansing, Michigan.
    1. Your contribution remains deposited for perpetually, as the Foundation may only withdraw 5% of the Endowment Fund’s balance once a year.
    2. This allows the Endowment Fund to become self-perpetuating, providing funding for the Foundation for dozens of years to come.
    3. Donations to the Endowment Fund are also recognized by the IRS as a deduction on Schedule A of Federal Income Tax Forms.
  3. In-kind Gifts are submitted to our Silent Auction held at the annual MAPA conference. All in-kind donations are put up for auction, the proceeds go to providing scholarships for PA students. Please contact Kathy Dobbs, President,
    to donate a gift.

**The Federal regulations are spelled out in Publication 526, Charitable Contributions,www.irs,gov.

**Consultation with a tax preparation professional is always advised to navigate the complex system of current tax laws.


Donate to provide student scholarships


 If you would like to give back to PA students in the way of helping to fund their education, donate any amount you feel comfortable. All donations go towards scholarships and research grants. Our administrative expenses are less than 0.5%, as our staff are all volunteers.

The Foundation has provided scholarship awards to senior Michigan physician assistant student since our inception more that twenty years ago. Currently we are able to offer $1,000 awards yearly to one student from each Michigan physician assistant program.



When you click the donate button, you will be taken to a page connected to PayPal and credit care companies. Donations made on this page go to our General Fund, and will be used for financing this year’s scholarships. If you would like your donation to the Endowment Fund, or to only go towards research or only for a specific school, please feel free to make a request by emailing Jack Kircher. All requests are honored fully!


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