Kind Words of Scholarship Winners

Give Back to Those That Helped Support Me


2018, Fred Clifford, CMU 

     I am honored to receive the Michigan Physician Assistant Foundation scholarship. This award will go a long way in supporting me during my clinical year. I look forward to working with the foundation after graduation to give back to those that helped support me. Thank you. 


Generous Support, International Training

2018, Ainslee Rubino, WSU


     I am truly overwhelmed and humbled to receive this award. I am in awe of the generosity of this Foundation and how they have consistently supported physician assistants throughout the years. Thanks to the generous support of the Michigan PA Foundation, I will be the first PA student in my program to travel abroad to Kenya, Africa for my medical elective. This has lifted an incredible financial burden off of my shoulders and will allow me to finish the last seven months of my program with confidence and significantly less anxiety. I hope that I can continue the legacy of those who came before me by cultivating the growth of physician assistants across our great state. 


Deeply Moved


2018, Savannah Micunek, GVSU

      I am deeply moved by receiving this honorable award. I greatly appreciate all of the time and resources that goes into making this scholarship possible for students like myself.


A Helping Hand


2018, Kristina Jennings, UDM

     My journey throughout Physician Assistant school has been the most challenging time in my entire life. I have been and continue to be challenged academically, personally and financially. But one of the great things that I have learned about this profession is that there is always someone willing to extend a hand and help you up the ladder they once had to climb. I am incredibly honored and grateful to receive this scholarship that will help relieve some financial burden and cannot wait to be in a position to be able to pay it forward and extend a hand to future students. 


Sincerest Thanks

2018, Kelsey Kusch, EMU

     To everyone at the Michigan PA Foundation and to my professors and faculty at Eastern Michigan, I want to extend my sincerest thanks for nominating and selecting me for this honor. I am humbled to receive this scholarship among many other worthy candidates. My hope is to utilize this financial assistance in part towards my tuition, as I am funding my education purely through government aid, but also to put part towards medical supplies and medications to send to Haiti for the annual EMU PA medical trip.



2018,Iomar Camacho-Alvarez, WMU


      I am extremely grateful to receive this scholarship and fortunate to continue to pursue my education as a physician assistant. This scholarship will help me focus more on learning how to provide exceptional care and ease my financial burden. As a Hispanic student I have learned of the health risks that affect my culture. As a future PA I would like to provide a positive influence and minimize health problems not only in my community but in others as well. Thank you for the support!


A Rigorous Journey

2017, by Jamie Murawski, UDM

     Attending physician assistant school has been and continues to be a rigorous journey. . . I am beyond grateful to have received this scholarship – no matter how financially responsible one is, seeing your student loan totals is still nerve-wrecking! Having some of that weight off my shoulders helps me put more focus into my studies. I hope that I can be a role model to others and I cannot wait to be in a position to give back to this profession and its future students.



Extra Support

2017, by Carly Kyriazis, WSU

    . . . I am honored to have received this award and this extra support along my PA school journey is indescribable. Your generosity will go a long way and will help me achieve my goal of becoming a practicing Physician Assistant that can some day help future students reach their own personal goals.


I hope to someday help another PA student

2017, by Susan Herman, GVSU

     Being selected to receive this scholarship is such an honor. I feel so grateful to have been chosen and your scholarship will provide additional support to me financially as I finish my degree this semester. I hope to someday help another PA student with their education in the future as you have helped me. 


Extremely humbling

2017, by Michael DiGiorgio,  WMU

              . . . To be selected as a winner of this award out of so many deserving candidates is extremely humbling . . . This money will greatly help me in my future career as a physician assistant and I’m excited to be apart of such an exceptional profession.


Helping me focus on my studies

2016, by Blake Geschk, GVSU

             . . . I feel extremely fortunate to have been selected for this scholarship and be given the gift of financial security by all of you . . . The gift goes a long way in helping me focus on my studies, and ultimately become a better PA. Thank you all again for this honor, you do amazing and generous work.


Peace of Mind

2015, by Melissa Scheid, WMU

                . . . Because I am living on student loans, where every dollar is accounted for, the gap of time after I graduate to when I start a job looms in the distance. This scholarship is going to help me complete Baby Step 1 as I will  use it at that time in August when I transition from school to employment. I anticipate it covering some of my unexpected expenses before my first paycheck. The security that this award provides is extremely relieving and my gratitude for being selected to accept it is indescribable. Thank you for making this scholarship possible and providing me with the peace of mind that comes with it.


Your Support and Generosity

2015, by Elizabeth Watson, CMU

               I am writing to thank you and the Michigan Physician Assistant Foundation for the 2014 Michigan PA Foundation scholarship. I feel honored to have received this award from such a wonderful organization. I have thought for quite some time about what the award means to me. As a now recent PA graduate, I am very appreciative of the financial security the scholarship has provided during this time period prior to beginning a new job.

               In addition, it has given me added motivation to pursue my dream of providing medical care to Spanish-speaking countries through medical missions. Finally, I could not be bmore thankful that the MI PA Foundation provided PA students with such great support and encouragement throughout their education. I believe it is vital to the physician assistant profession to give back to those pursuing the PA career. Your organization has been inspirational to me with regard to giving back as you have done so countless of times to many physician assistant students. For me, this is the most important ideal that the scholarship represents. I hope to emulate your support and generosity in my career as a PA.



2015, by Michelle Fabiilli, UDM

               Thank you so much for this wonderful award! . . . I am extremely honored to be selected to receive this scholarship. This award helps relieve the financial stress of school while I focus on completing my clinical year. During this time, I will be able to strengthen my clinical skills and discover which area of medicine I wish to pursue upon graduation. The Michigan Physician Assistant Foundation is a wonderful organization that provides great support for PA students. It is reassuring to know that the PA profession feels so strongly about their career, that they are willing to invest in their students. Your organization assures me that I have picked a wonderful profession to pursue and encourages me to give back in the future. Thank you for your support.

Personal Affirmation of my hard work

2012 by Stephanie Rossman, UDM

      I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude and honor in receiving the Radford Hayden 2012 (sic, Michigan) PA Foundation scholarship.  Upon starting physician assistant school at the University of Detroit Mercy, I was forced to quit my job as a resident assistant at a local assisted living center for Alzheimer’s patients.  The high expectations and hours required to grasp the art of medicine in PA school didn’t allow time to make any money to pay for books, housing or learning expenses.  As the oldest child of four, my parents taught me the value of paying for college independently.  Likewise, they taught me that education is the most worthwhile investment one can make. 

     With this scholarship, I can continue my medical education with less financial burden.   This scholarship is not only a financial gift but also a personal affirmation of my hard work in the medical community.  I hope one day to be able to give back to physician assistant students like myself who are in need and plan to participate in helping them pay for school and associated expenses.  Once again, thank-you for this wonderful opportunity.

Truly Blessed

2010 by Elizabeth Eastman, GVSU

       I would like to thank you for the generous scholarships that you provide for PA students.  I am truly blessed to have been one of the selected students this year.

      I can guarantee that your hard-earned donation will go to a good cause, and I look forward to the day when I have extra money to give and can donate back to students who need a little extra help. That day seems to be getting closer and closer! Thank you again, I really appreciate it!


2009, by Andrew Zolp, WMU

      The scholarship helped me achieve the goal of becoming a PA, by easing the financial burden. I am grateful to the Michigan PA Foundation for their generous support.


2009 by DeeAnna Holbrook, GVSU

       I was a recipient of the MIPAF scholarship this year. I was very honored to be presented with this award. I appreciate all the practicing PA’s that donated to this scholarship. This honor relieved a lot of financial pressure during my father’s battle with cancer and allowed me to be with him and still succeed with my education. Once again, I thank all who contributed to this award.

Special Thanks

2007 by Melissa Pietras, WMU

     I wanted to send a special THANK YOU to show my appreciation for the scholarship. It is a great honor to have been chosen for this award. . . Knowing that the Michigan PA Foundation supports student makes me very proud to be training at a University in Michigan and eager to become a practicing PA in this state. Many more thanks!

So helpful

 2006 by Stacie Graves, WSU

      I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to the Michigan PA Foundation for providing me the tools to further my education through this scholarship. With the fund that were granted to me, I was about to purchase textbooks to add to my library as well as put some money aside to take my board exam. It is truly an honor to be recognized by this distinguished organization and I await the opportunity to be able to give back to the Foundation and allow another student the same generosity that was afforded me.

PA program is financially stressful, this helped tremendously

1998 by Jeannie Schrage, WMU

     As you may know, being a PA student can be financially stressful. Many of us sacrifice 2 years of lost income in order to pursue a physician assistant career. It also means taking out Federal as well as other alternative loans in order to pay for tuition, books, equipment, and university fees on top of living and transportation expenses.   

     It is the generous donations to your foundation that help me as well as my peers reach their academic and career goals. As I start into my clinical year, I am comforted knowing my financial outlook is brighter. I am greatly appreciative for the financial gift.

Thank you to all of the volunteers and those who donate

1997 by Nancy Caillonette, WSU

      I would like to thank the PA Foundation and all the volunteers who helped to raise the scholarship money. It is appreciated deeply and will go to good use! I would love to volunteer in the future to help…

This scholarship helped me finish my program

1995 by Michael Johnson, WMU
     These scholarships truly help people who are in dire need of money. With this contribution (award), I will be able to continue with my PA schooling…now I feel as though I can say that I will make a great physician assistant.

Words cannot express enough…

1994 by Suzanne Boyd, WMU

      Thank you so much for the $1,000 grant…the check arrived along with a tuition bill I had no way to pay. Words cannot express the relief and gratitude I experienced…I certainly hope that some day I can help extend the same generosity to another student that you extended to me.

Please note that Mercy College of Detroit
(later University of Detroit Mercy)
and Western Michigan University began their PA Programs in 1972,
Grand Valley State University, Central Michigan University,
and Wayne State University stared their Programs in 1995.

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